Kinetic Model of Matter Simulator

#cs module

Leong Song Zhu Owen

The Kinetic Model of Matter simulator was designed with the following 3 objectives:

  1. Simulate the movement of gas particles in an ideal gas
  2. Compare the differences between ideal and real gases
  3. Explain some of the concepts of the ideal gas law

The kinetic theory of matter states that

all matter is made of small particles that are in random motion and that have space between them.

In this simulation, we focus on gases within a bounded container. Users can add/remove particles or increase/decrease the energy of the system and see the effect on the movement of the particles. A graph of number of collisions with the walls over time is shown since number of collisions is related to pressure (assuming all particles are identical). Inter-molecular interactions and energy loss in inelastic collisions between particles are shown in real gases mode.

Disclaimer: This app may not fully accurately show the kinetic model of matter.