Langton's Game Of Life


Sean Leong

Conway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton played on a toroid grid, as is Langton's ant.

In this fusion of the two, every square is either white or black. If a white square has 3 neighbours, it becomes black. If a black square does not have 2 - 3 neighbours, it becomes white.

You can make interesting dynamic structures out of cells, such as gliders, spaceships and glider guns.

Langton's Ant has ants, represented by red circles. When an ant moves onto a white square, it turns right, changes the colour and moves forward. Black squares turn it left.

Select "Create" to create an ant on the grid, and press the arrow keys to control its initial direction. The arrow next to "Create" shows what the initial direction of any ant created will be.

Arrangements of ants with fourfold symmetry create mesmerising and ever-changing patterns.