Recycling Pal


Leong Song Zhu Owen


[I.code] Competition - Best Social Impact Award

This application aims to encourage and promote recycling. There are 4 main sections to the app. Firstly, on the menu screen, apart from providing navigation in the app, tips for recycling are shown. These could better educate the public on how they can recycling and why they should recycle. Secondly, using google maps and a dataset downloaded from, the application gets the user's location to show the user the recycling bins within the 400m radius of the user. Thirdly, the application allows the user to share his/her recycling efforts with the public to encourage others to recycle too. (Bandwagon effect) Fourthly, the application has a lightweight to-do list for the user to remind himself/herself about what needs to be or can be recycled.