rPG Quest

#mobile #competition

Leong Song Zhu Owen, Tay Kai Jun and Tan Yuan Wei


Champion, Singapore Games Creation Competition, 2015

One morning, you wake up, only to find yourself having perfect vision. "When did I ever have perfect eyesight?", you think, until you see your body. It dawns on you that you are in the mind and eyes of a stranger. You look out the window and discover that the surroundings are completely unfamiliar. Not in the least surprising anymore. Though everything seems foreign, the sights and sounds, perhaps not the smells, are not extraordinary. This is the world that you have always known. Problem gambling is a real issue in our world.

Your name, or at least your new name, is Bob. Bob is a gambler, or more accurately an ex-gambler. He has stopped gambling through sheer willpower and self-control, but the repercussions of his gambling continued to stalk him. Constantly engulfed by the darkness and swallowed by despair, his debt did not disappear. Problem gambling is not so easily solved. With seven days left, aided by your wisdom and judgement, will Bob be able to rebuild the fragile life he so easily crushed with a gentle push, or rather, the pulling of a lever in the casino?

Recovery from Problem Gambling Quest was created using Unity for SGCC2015 to educate people about the dangers of problem gambling.