WEtinerary: Itinerary for groups

#mobile #App

Roy Ang Kang Rong

WEtinerary: itineraries for groups. This app was made to allow travelers, whether people on their own or in tour groups, to create an itinerary and then follow and refer to it easily.

In the app, users can create a list of destinations for a tour, and in the list, the items will have details that include date, time and location. The location can be set easily using the two tools (Place Auto search and Map Explorer) provided.

The itinerary list will be displayed, with the items put out chronologically in order of time. An overview of the itinerary will also be shown, which includes the current destination and a map with all the destinations, linked up by driving routes.

This itinerary can be shared with other users, by uploading it to an online database called "Firebase". When uploading, the user can set a key, and this key will be used by other users to download that itinerary.

Itineraries, whether created by yourself or loaded from Firebase, will be saved offline, for your easy reference.

When viewing the itinerary, you can even get directions to the destination from your current location!

Sample itineraries are provided here.